FluoroCouncil: FDA-Reviewed PFAS Substances Don’t Pose a Significant Risk to Human Health or the Environment

The FluoroCouncil, a global organization representing the world’s leading FluoroTechnology companies, issued the following statement regarding a recent report about PFAS in food packaging:

“The use of PFAS in food packaging is strictly regulated by the FDA, which has determined the specific PFAS currently used are safe for their intended use.  In addition, a robust body of scientific data demonstrates these FDA-reviewed PFAS substances do not pose a significant risk to human health or the environment.

This latest report on PFAS in food packaging is misleading in its unfounded health and safety claims and in the way it portrays the possibility of a ban in the state of Washington as a benchmark for others to follow.

Food packaging in the U.S. is best in class, and the packaging made with FDA-reviewed PFAS is essential to the quality and integrity of food and helps in the safe transport and storage of food as well.”