Fluorinated Chemistries are Integral to Modern Life

Whether you are using your smart phone, traveling in your fuel-efficient car or taking your daily medication, chances are your life benefits from FluoroTechnology.

FluoroTechnology consists of a diverse group of chemistries and products that are based on the unique and powerful fluorine-carbon bond. The use and manipulation of this bond gives fluorinated chemistries their distinct properties.

The use of FluoroTechnology can be found in a number of sectors, from transportation to healthcare, electronics to textiles and many others. In all of its uses, fluorinated chemistry plays an important role in modern life. Learn more.


Fluorinated chemistries are essential to the manufacturing environment of micro-technology.

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Today's safe and fuel-efficient trucks, buses and automobiles rely on the unique, high-performance properties of FluoroTechnology.

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Fluorinated chemistries play a role in the creation of a number of critical components of airplanes and helicopters.

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